I've been creating content since 2003. I like to call myself a content O.G. (Yeah, I know. That rhymes and it's cheeky - that's why I like it.) Yes. 2003. 16 years ago. 16!

I started my career as a freelance editorial assistant at Glamour Magazine at Conde Nast. I was barely a few weeks out of college and walking the halls of one of the most prestigious publishing houses in NYC. About a month later, I joined the Lucky Magazine staff in my first full-time position as a Fashion Assistant. THIS. WAS. MY. DREAM. JOB. Seriously, like on my vision board after I read “The Secret” dream job.

From there I moved from city to city working in various roles for print and online magazines writing, editing, producing and styling photo shoots. I was creating content every. single. day. Most of the time on a small-to-zero-dollar budget and learning along the way and I loved it.

One of my favorites, was as the Associate Fashion & Beauty Editor for Destination Weddings & Honeymoons magazine. It was pretty much as glamorous as it sounds. I traveled everywhere, either to stay in a city, resort or hotel, and experience it as a guest (or most of the time “honeymooner”) so that I could write about it. Other times, I was traveling with a 10-12 person crew for a weeklong photo shoot in places like Barbados, Grand Cayman, the Bahamas and Hawaii. It was incredible. It was also incredibly hard work but I had the opportunity to work for and learn from some of the best. (H/T to Dayna Spitz for teaching me so much!)

As the landscape of print publications and magazines continue to digress, and as websites and social media began to emerge as legitimate places to share and distribute the types of content I was already creating — I smartly adjusted my skill set to stay on-trend and ensure I would continue to work.

I've since worked as a visual and window stylist at Neiman Marcus, spent a year working in NASCAR, was a stylist at Trunk Club when they were still a growing start-up, and interviewed visionaries and CEO's to help tell their personal and business stories for one of the top business schools in the world.

Learning, creating, and telling a person or brand’s story is my thing and I’d love to help you tell yours.