Booth Women Connect Conference Website

The Booth Women Connect Conference is more than networking—it’s insightful, inspiring, and empowering.

The women's conference is held annually for women in all career levels—student, young professional, experience professional and up— and provides an opportunity for attendees to gain insights into navigating a wide array of professional challenges and hear expert advice for taking their career to the next level from women in the Chicago Booth network and beyond. My goals working on this campaign were to communicate the conference and get attendees to pre-register online through the BWCC website.

Below you'll see a sample of the work I performed on this campaign for both the 2015 and 2016 events. 



web and content strategy

Worked with UX designer and backend developers to create a "media" page where we could share and highlight original and user generated content relevant to the conference.

content creation

I worked with another content strategist and our in-house videographer to meet with attendees at the event and interview them on-site to then compile interviews, tweets, event b-roll and quotes into a recap video to be used to encourage attendance for 2016 event.

social media

Copywriter for tweets used to promote the conference on Chicago Booth's social channels.


registration lead generation

We created an on-page contact form on the home screen so that visitors to the site between the conference dates can provide information on their interest to attend.


email Communications

Collaborated with our email specialist on our new Marketo email platform, and a creative designer to redesign our Booth Women Connect community emails. Once the design was determined, I curated quotes and images from previous events to be used throughout the communication series leading up to the event date.

BWCC register tweet.png

social media

Copywriter for tweets used to engage the Booth community and generate excitement around event to encourage registration for attendance.