Kudos …

Melissa was fantastic to work with during her time at Destination Weddings & Honeymoons magazine. She gave me the opportunity to present products from my clients that were an obvious match, but she also thought outside the box too on things that might not be an obvious match at first. She was clever enough to make it work for a story and always had great recommendations on pitching my clients better. WHAT a pleasure it was to work with her, honestly it was a great team effort and she helped make my job a lot easier. Kudos to Melissa!
— Sarah-Ann Soffer, Area Director of Public Relations, Loews
Melissa’s organizational skills, impeccable sense of style and passion for journalism made her one of the best editors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her creativity knows no bounds, and she breathed new life into the athletic fashion and beauty pages at Women’s Health & Fitness and managed an entire fashion closet by herself — all while writing and editing with panache. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.
— Colleen Oakley, Author of CLOSE ENOUGH TO TOUCH and BEFORE I GO (Simon & Schuster/Gallery)
Melissa is a creative, dynamic, energetic and gifted marketer. Rarely do professionals in the marketing world understand how to appeal to consumers while meeting the business needs of an organization. Melissa does this with ease! I’ve also had the pleasure of seeing Melissa’s work outside the office in many charity events - she is a shining star that is able to harness her creative talent in unique ways. I hope we have the chance to work together again someday!
— Patty Delk, Managing Director, Streetsense
Melissa came to NASCAR Illustrated with no experience in racing, but through sheer determination and the warmth of her personality, she caught on and was embraced by the NASCAR community more quickly than most. A creative thinker with a willingness to pitch and pursue fresh ideas, Melissa was an immediate asset to the magazine.
— Michael Fresina, Publisher, Street & Smith's Sports Group